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Friday, September 12, 2008 Y

i totally understand how u feel,nicole. come on,bring it on !!! do not be afraid.we have our top priorities then followed by our sub sub priorities yeah.treasure wat u have when it is by u,no pt regret ltr.

well, i feel loved living in tis world. sounded as thou i am dying any time.haha nope, juz tt i dun want to be indifferent of wat i have in life.university's life is really a gorgeous experience.it comes as a package with learning to be professional in a particular field n it adds colours to your life.

SIM can be a real good place if u noe how to make full use of it.first,i am still trying to figure out my principles of banking n finance. well ,stace is involved in 7 clubs.cool. while i am busy n having fun in several sports n some new exposure.

well, i improve my physical strength,do continue to work hard during db's training. it is time to hit the gym n running track.i havent been running to ecp. tml or sun ? it feels good to be fitter thou i am still far from my ideal. i am beginning to love challenges more .you juz have to adjust your emotions.

wed,i went out with my src sports mates for handball training.i can tell u tis was one of the most fun time i had in playing a sport.sporty n cool peeps.i learnt a new sport yeah ! all of us went to eat bak ku teh.nice ! sometime,u dun need to eat atas food to feel happy.simple food with great peeps is a million times better !

thurs,i went to get some blink blink stuffs for sat's party.our dragonboat white n black blink blink farewell party ! annnnnnnnnd after some thought,i decided to dressup to the theme n will be a hot n cool eva ! not the girly type haha. i 'm loving it ! then went to school for the fashion show rehearsal.

oo gosh, we are walking like real models. damn coooooolll ! i learnt some skills from youtube .haha.i got 2 dreeses.one sexy one showing a bit of my assets n one cute sassy dress.the theme is fun n flirty. how to do it when i am not in club ?? lol.i am going to drink wine before it so tt i look as flirty as i can be. i was battering with the thought tt i aint the model material.what if ppl say i look shit ? nononono,if they think they can do better,come on stage ! go for it ! since i landed with tis opp ,thanks to my frenz who recommended me . i mustered my courage n i am all out for it now.annnd got free alfresco dining n wine tasting as vip guest on next tues.good deal aint it ? haha.a local band is performing too.wat shall i wear ??

well,i was with the other 'models ' n we practised till 9 pus n i went home with my 'travel partner ' haha. got to catwalk more.

still got tuition,training,dinner,netball n handball competitions ! cant wait to meet u gurls ! wen is sh 's party ? lol
stop mia stace. pls update hor.we miss u !

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Thursday, September 11, 2008 Y

heyys. been quite sometime again since i last blogged. woohoo.

life has been STILL VERY BZ i guess. hahs. shall update on a few more significant stuffs.

eva!! thnx for ur "gd luck". hahs. i joined publication subcomm, dinner n dance comm (nt sure main or sub yet), production (either actin or make-up), xing n strum, choir, investment interactive club as well as freshmen orientation camp. hmms. nt sure wat post i wld take up for e f.o.c. initially i wanted senior-attached, meanin tt i will juz tag along e freshmen n interact w 'em. then i tot of joinin as fake freshie. hahs. then nw my senior asked me to take up e role of AGL. n i got to give a reply by mon. hmms. nt v.sure if i wana take up e role leh. i've joined 7 stuffs liao. plus i'm afraid i'm nt up to e role of agl. hmms. i feel like givin it a try cos it's sth tt i had nv tried b4. opportunity knocks once. n mayb tis is a chance for me to gain more confidence bout myself n oso to noe more ppl.

another thing. my white bag from taiwan was color-damaged. gt a new one frm bugis at 35 bucks. lyk it alot, though it's quite big. hahs. thnx stace for accompanyin me when u're so tired!! REALLY MISS U N EVA!!

hmms. my frien is askin me to go club w her tml. i'm really at a loss seh. don feel like gg cos i got so much stuffs to do. n tuition. n it's so exp somemore. hmms. HAIX. n yeah. she told me to give her a reply by 12 tonite. duh. i feel so.... y do i owe so many ppl replies?

bz + tired + overloaded

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Tuesday, September 9, 2008 Y

how could i forget my darling yc ? well,she has been really busy with her heavy loaded sch work.it is understandable and i do really miss her very much. listening to shut up and drive,good girl gone bad by rihanna will spark up all my memories with her.those studying sessions @ pacific coffee company ,BK and certainly not to 4get our paris trip.

on sunday,i was informed tt one of my childhood best friend ( wendy ) is getting married in the coming nov/dec .i feel so hapy for her n really excited abt this blissful event. she is the first among our 'gang' to get married off.wow,i noe her bf who is quite dashing looking ,nice n a wealthy guy.of cos,wendy is pretty ,cute and sexy.i aint surprised tt they are tying the knot since they have been together for abt 3 years plus.during the past chinese new years,we will all meet up to gamble n hav a gd time @ wendy's place.

as a best n loyal friend =) ,eva is traveling to the capital of malaysia to be WENDY 'S BRIDESMAID ! she is so thoughtful ,getting a place n food for me ! all i need is a beautiful n sexy body to fit into the bridesmaid dresses. not only tt ,since i am travelling all the way there, how can i miss a gd chance to roam arnd n peek @ tis sleepless city ? now,need to save up.waiting for her to confirm the date so i can plan my schedule.

tis week my sch is still sort of in holiday mood, so i am gearing up on my read up n refresh my memory.i feel tt i am so 'xin fu ' .i am doing wat i enjoy in life even studying n my parents are all supportive of me.though ,at tis age,i sort of lack a bf but i aint despo.i have lots of good friends with me. i begin to realise tt fate plays a impt part.it determines how 2persons can come n share their happiness n woes together.i believe i will end up with somebody i love whom will love me as much as well =) yup,charlies,we will all find our men rite !

since the start of tis year,i love myself more,dressing up the way i like.but i was really saddened by the fact tt some ppl classify me as big size .sometime ,i juzwanna escape spore n live abroad where my size will be deemed as average. no choice,i am on a regime to lose weight.the feeling is so bad.

well.i am a good girl gone bad n back to my goody days agn, i told my frenz during sch bash tt i will be home by 12am and i left @ 11plus.cool shit.tis is from eva lol. i was happy to see him n being tt close is enough.i really hope i can have a chance to noe him better n he can noe me better too. with tt composed n frosty look,i need to melt him with my warmth yet not burnt him.haha,probably in my dream i guess.

stace got pharm test ytd,how u do ? everything ok ? n nicole,how is ur run for hall exco ?smooth sail .no worries,i will be here anticipating to hear ur gd news man ! take care !

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Monday, September 8, 2008 Y

sim uol src rocks !

my lovely family !

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hey hey hey.eva is back ! caan u feel the beat lol ?

due to my constraint brain,i couldnt recall the password so havent been blogging.finally,got it !

well,have been schooling for a month ! got my benny .benny is my darling laptop,damn cute.the good thing is that now i am living the life i want.but not yet near to my ideal independent woman life.at least not like i was in tpjc. shitty life.

wat am i busy with ? school work, dragonboat land n sea trainings, handball n netball practices for upcoming competitions, losing weight for next week arts festival fashion show , src meeting for challenge shield=looking for sponsorship,upcoming dragonboat dinner (the white n black blink blink party @ (BLUE JAZZ), teaching tuition,,my plan for my 21st birthday,ideas to earn more money,taking good care of myself = living like a princess . i am also preparing a surprise for myself. stay tuned.

met up with charlies n kor tt day.the sushi was awesome.but our gurls meeting was even better.nth can beat tis when 3 charlies unite.ntu is a good place.minsi, lucky u ! though,sim rocks too !

my face is healing,yeah yeah.i have faith in my products n my body.jia u.my cells pls get rejuvenated haha n glow.

can upload some pics.cousin wedding n sch bash =)

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Monday, August 25, 2008 Y

i was still wonderin y our beloved eva has nt been updatin tis blog. n yeah, so it turned out tt she had forgotten e pw. pls don forget bout our meetin tml ok!! hahs!!

yeah. tis few weeks been super bz, rushin for lects n tuts n sems, muggin my overdue work, joinin hall activities, decidin bout ccas, etc... nv had i been so bz in my life lar. even e workin days aft a-levels cant b compared to tis mann.. i'm so seriously seriously deprived of slp!!

anw. last nite's chat w stace was really an emo one lar. i didnt cry but i cldnt ctrl my tears. yeah i miss everythin we did in jc lar, esp e just-do-it attitude!! hmms its true tt u say u cant find anyone who has tis attitude easily, but it's oso true tt i cant find anyone who just-do-it w me easily... i miss e lect-ponnin days cos i nv felt guilty makin u exp to me when i stumbled upon sth i cldnt understand. =X i miss e days when we bugged keow lian n pee li for ans. i miss e days we crapped n gossiped. i really tot tt gossipin is sth tt can b done w anyone but aft goin thru all tis, i realised tt gossipin is only fun w u n tp cos we can simply tok bout anythin under e sun w/o any ill-feelins. rmb our "identify-explain-analyse-evaluate"?? hahs. no wonder ur hp bills can shoot up so fast. oya. i oso miss e times when we were e first ones to chiong out of e sch. haix n most imptly, thr's alwaz so many stuffs we can discuss. i simply miss u guys....

eh. tml bu jian bu san ar... hahs =D


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Thursday, August 14, 2008 Y

nicole is back!! yeah frm e land whr no single person can b free. everyone is bz w either tis or tt hahs. n my memory is gettin worse. i've discovered one more weakness in me!! n tt's rememberin names. lolls. hmms is e prev blog posted by stace? content-wise, it shld b typed by stace but tone-wise, it sounds abit like me n eva man... zz. stace u've been readin too much of eva's blog lar. hahs.

anw. i've been leadin a super hyper wadeva hectic lifestyle tis few wks. more lects more tuts more seminars more projects. =X eva u noe how much i wanted to join odac rite. even though i cldnt get any friens to attend e welcome tok w me, i still went for it alone. btw stace i realised tt chinghui n jiayun r in odac. alrite back to myself, i felt super disappointed cos odac's actually quite costly considerin e fact tt u hav to pay for every expedition. siann. my cca dream was lyk crushed almost so instantly. as for e back-up squash, my senior said it's kinda hiong cos even e reserves have at least a grade b. i don really noe how e gradin system works but grade b still sounds intimidatin to me. how i envy eva man, bein able to join her dragonboatin n sports cca. lolls. i feel so lost bout my cca nw lar. n yeah i wish eva's in my sch man. at least i will hav someone to relate to esp when eva's character is so much like mine. LOL. sorry ar stace, i noe u're attached to loi liao. so i can only grab eva. LOL.

sch work is really taxin. i hav to juggle btwn hall activities, lect n tut n sem, projects, "housework", socializin, ... haixx. hmms but i guess it's all worth it. n so i will push on since i hav no other choice. put aside exhaustion, e rest of e stuffs r really funnn. i simply love e uni life. LOL. bet u tink so too rite tp!! n stace, b more enthu ok!! u can do it man!!!


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